Řekni mi (Tell Me)

ŘEKNI MI is an interactive acapella concert for three voices and the audience, it is a space where memories resound. You go away with a song created just for you.


The listeners in the audience are asked to:

Prepare a memory that they are willing to share. It can be anything that has touched you, a powerful experience you have had. Try to recall the experience as if it was today, with the atmosphere, fragrances, the entire situation.

Singing will act as a sound mirror. Three singing voices will send back the memory you brought in musical form, turning it into sounds and melodies. The memory germinates into a unique song, a gift for you.
Three singers - Antonie Nyass, Milli Janatková and Ridina Ahmedová await you in the “Řekni mi memory point”.


The project arose from the need to create a situation for closer contact with the audience. During a regular performance the singer stands on stage surrounded by blackness, at the end of the song there is a round of applause, after the concert the lights go on and all that can be seen are the backs of departing visitors and then the hall is empty.

By singing, the song voluntarily enters into an intimacy. In Řekni mi there is a place for symmetry, where both the listener and the musician open up – thus creating a close exchange.


design: Lenka Blažejová / webmaster: Lukáš Vébr