Solo concerts

Concert for one woman and her many voices - using live sampling and successively layering the vocals to produce spirally developing compositions.

A performance without instrumental accompaniment - the only instrument is the human voice.



Singer” is too constraining an expression for what she does. She is a vocal artist. The method with which she works, is simple in itself, but what emerges is a complex vocalise, a stunning and captivating vocal flow, in which the individual voices replace traditional instrumentation (...). I am convinced that Ridina Ahmedová has created a completely unique category.
Ken Hunt, FRoots Magazine (UK)

“Ridina Ahmedová sings unaccompanied, improvising without text, individual melodic lines layer themselves in a fascinating kaleidoscope of formations. (…) In addition, she uncovers a host of surprising connections that lead to Africa, where her father comes from, and the female voices of Scandinavia.”

Petr Dorůžka, Reflex

Ridina Ahmedová steps lightly but firmly among the colourful layers of her musical experience. Her velvet and flexible voice, of which there are few in the Czech Republic, betrays the singer’s taste for blues and contemporary pop and R&B. (...) Thanks to her musical background and the quality of her voice, Ahmedová is completely at home in these genres. Just like leading jazz musicians can tell a tale solely with the voice and even without words.’’
Petr Vizina, Lidove noviny

„…the debut Hlasem indicates just how much potential slumbers in Ahmedová. One can’t take a breather for a single second throughout the album - Ahmedová uses the voice to caress, she bends it, shouts, whispers, barks and alternates an incredible amount of vocal positions and colours. Add to this the inventive work with melodies and the layering of individual vocal lines, then we can but take our hats off to her. Music without instruments is boring? Not a chance, Hlasem is one of the most pleasant surprises of recent times.”
Aleš Borovan, Hospodářské noviny

I deliberately left the album Hlasem for the end, so I can happily confirm that even in our country it’s possible to produce extraordinary recordings with the hallmark of personality, going beyond genres, with artistic expression that completely bucks the mainstream.”
Vladimír Kouřil, UNI

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