Voice workshops

I have been running voice workshops for almost years.

Thousands of people have enjoyed them, both amateurs and professionals alike from various walks of life.

It is a meaningful way for me to share what really fascinates me and what I enjoy about working with the voice.










What kind of vocal workshops do I offer?

1. THIS IS MY VOICE  – a self-experience workshop for the both amateurs and professionals of voicework.

2. VOICEBUILDING - know your voice - intended for companies and their employees as part of training for presentation skills or as self-development 

3. WORKSHOP ON LOOPING AND WORKING WITH A LOOPSTATION - the looper is a great tool ! Let s explore it together.

4.  ZPĚVOMAT (SING O MAT) - a bewitching public workshop involving a street-based jukebox for passers-by - more info HERE.

5. A SINGFULL DAY - a whole day of musical games and polyphonic songs to support our foy of singing

6.  Made to measure workshop – according to your wishes, contact me for details

7.  Private lessons in working with the loop-station - contact me for details. 



 THIS IS MY VOICE workshop

In today’s society singing is regarded as something that should only be done by those who “know how” - thanks to this others, generally seen as the majority, often only become bold enough to sing, at most, in the bathroom, alone in the car or with their children. Working with the voice is a natural, relaxing, joyful and enriching experience.

The workshop creates a space for relaxing and experiencing the music that arises from simple exercises and tasks that anyone can manage.
With a gradual shift from silence to breathing then listening to one’s voice, using games and exercises, the participants, often to their own surprise, come to see singing as a natural continuation of working together. In the second part of the workshop the participants sing polyphonic compositions, some easy some more difficult depending of the group’s make up.
The experience with singing and sharing music that is made together is very strong and beautiful.

An audio report from the workshop can be heard HERE.





If you would like me to hold a vocal workshop in your city/country, contact me. 

The workshop can be designed for complete beginners, for intermediates or even for a mixed group. It is also possible to organise a workshop aimed at working with a Loopstation or the Zpěvomat (Sing o mat) or it can be simply made up depending on the needs and the situation. 


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